Digital Transformation & Sustainability Consulting

Any modern organization cannot compete and meet the demands of the market if its processes and activities are not sufficiently digitized. In fact, much of the three kinds of waste—Muda, Mura, and Muri—can be eliminated by digitizing processes and operations. At SK Banerji, we provide Digital Transformation & Sustainability Consulting to empower organizations by harnessing the power of data and AI. We leverage the power of data after reaching a certain level of Statistical Process Control (SPC) maturity to gain agility in sync with the market needs.

Mature organisations that have been running conventional and near-rigid operations are more in need to fix their faulty lines by adopting the ‘LEANer’ path of improvement and modernization. 

To ensure that our clients thrive in the transformative age and scale success, we follow the Plan-Do-Check-Act for their Equipment Efficiency Improvement and Digitization and Automation at all levels. 


At this stage, we plan initiatives that can lead to a successful digital transformation and business goals. We prepare a digital strategy that will outline the priorities, deliverables, outcomes, and timelines in your organization’s digital journey. We begin with the preparation of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) for the current state of the enterprise. 

  • Current State Mapping (CSM): SK Banerji’s first step is to start by sketching out the value stream map of the current state. The VSM helps in identifying the core problem that can be solved by digitization, the resources we have and what is needed and how we can implement them. In this approach, we assess the gaps in information flow alongside material and workflow movements.
  • Gap analysis: At this step, we work on identifying the lag between the current state and the ideal LEAN state that can be achieved with digitization. This is carried out with the help of an analysis or feasibility report. We evaluate how much value each process is adding, what can be replaced and what new can be added. We assess the need for information from OT assets and operations and map out a way to aggregate data in a simple, secure, reliable and readable manner for modern analytics to deliver meaningful insights.
  • Future State Mapping (FSM): Once we have identified the gaps, we roll out a roadmap that suggests the blueprint to be implemented in various steps on the journey.


The second step is the implementation phase. After identifying the areas that need to be restructured, we work on specific areas as per the roadmap to reap the potential benefits. 

  • Business Process Improvement: Our well-designed lean tools work in tandem with software and AI to facilitate all manner of business process improvement. 
  • Performance Monitoring & Improvement: We monitor the key performance indicators to foster an environment of continuous learning, development, and implementation. We use kaizen to ensure organizations strive towards optimum performance goals. 
  • Equipment Efficiency Improvement: We focus on improving the productivity of manufacturing equipment to improve process efficiency and reduce operating expenses.
  • Digitization and Automation: We incorporate automation to detect defects and work on improvement. We help organizations harness the power of data using a blend of LEAN and digital tools.


During the check phase, we measure & control processes and operations by employing our 4T program:

  • TQM – Total Quality Management
  • TQC – Total Quality Control
  • TPM – Total Productive Maintenance
  • TPS  – Toyota Production System


In this stage, we take relevant Corrective And Preventive Actions (CAPA) to standardise or improve the process. The actions are rendered via: 

  • Performance Monitoring and Improvement
  • Equipment Efficiency Improvement

Once the solutions become a reality, it is wise to sustain them with continuous improvements. 

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