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An organization becomes powerful when it identifies the challenges accurately, analyzes the root cause and engages the right problem-solving techniques in a time-bound manner, relevant to the evolving context of the challenges.

When we began helping companies improve in 2001, we found that everyone was employing a piecemeal approach. As a result, companies ended up treating the symptoms with temporary fixes, only to have them recur with added complications, most of the time. The company wouldn’t know where to start and how to minimise waste and create value. This is where we came in to identify the company’s blind spot and address the root cause, to direct them to a phase-wise holistic journey towards sustainable growth.

With a long-standing history of more than 40 years, SK Banerji’s proven LEAN solutions have delivered value year after year by anchoring the bottom line and securing topline as well, in some verticals. We facilitate sustainable change by eliminating waste, intentionally enhancing value creating a positive nett effect and improving productivity while fostering a culture where each employee is empowered to identify and continually solve problems alongside evolving business context. 

As a leading LEAN consulting firm engaged in providing consultancy and training, we have led major and diverse business operations, yielding sustainable, holistic and inclusive growth. We infuse LEAN tools and principles such as the 5S system, LEAN Six Sigma, TPM, TQM, VSM, and Kaizen concepts into every facet of business operations, helping organizations embark on an evolutionary path to operational and business excellence. 

SK Banerji’s Ecosystem constitutes JMJ and LBE where JMJ undertakes private projects and LBE deals with government projects, respectively. 

Our vision

To become a leading global consulting ecosystem that helps organizations in their journey to profitable & sustainable growth by elimination of non-value-added activity in the entire value chain.

Our Mission

To help various industry verticals to improve their operational and business excellence performance by implementing LEAN principles by reaching to grassroots at optimal cost.

Journey & Milestones

Our Journey Over the Years


Established under the name Network Marketing and Development


Commissioned LEAN Intervention for Tata’s CEBBCO Truck Dumper


Renamed to LBE Consulting Group that undertakes only Government Projects


Introduced LEAN Thinking at IndoAsian & Encon Automation


Ministry of MSME awarded LBE with 4 mini cluster companies to implement LEAN thinking


LBE bagged projects from Industrial Labour Organisation (ILO)


Govt of India rolled out 100% funds to LBE to work for manufacturing companies from North India


Formation of JMJ LEAN Consulting Group to cater to Private Companies


Recognised and awarded by ACMA Audit

Set up in the year 2001 as Network Marketing & Development, the company has traversed a long and eventful journey spanning almost 4 decades. With an ambition to streamline the production processes for Indian companies and maximise their operational efficiency with LEAN consulting and training, the company gradually expanded and explored other areas of the business. We worked with  Railcoach, Mark Auto, Neel Metal & JBM, L&T, and many other small and medium-sized companies relying on our inherent strengths and innovations. 

As part of the expansion, Network Marketing & Development was dissolved in 2009 and LBE Consulting Group was formed. Still in operation, LBE  Consulting Group offers robust strategy and transformation tools to stifled Government organisations and turn them into flourishing institutions. Ahead of its time, LBE executed a whole slew of projects under its banner including the Industrial Labour Organisation (ILO) and MSME. 

After successfully executing formidable results for some pilot projects, it bagged several projects from Faridabad, Manesar, Gurgaon, Yamuna Nagar, Ludhiana, and Bahadurgarh and 4 mini clusters by the Ministry of MSME which were fully funded by the Government. The year 2013 proved to be a milestone as it was a watershed year that catapulted ‘the LEAN revolution’ in India. LBE was honoured by  ACMA Audit in 2015 for its contribution to the nation. 

The year 2014 marks the start of a new phase for the company when JMJ LEAN Consulting was formed to offer services to private organisations as well. JMJ LEAN Consulting has been flourishing under the leadership of its founder S.K. Banerji and has become a top-tier LEAN consultancy firm in no time. 

Over the years JMJ has consistently created value for many high-performing companies like Adani Group, CEBBCO, Coventry Coil, Deininger, Lohia Starlinger, IndoAsian, Encon, Groz Tools and other similar sectors. 

The company has been recognised for its achievements in terms of quality and implementation of the latest technology. The decades-old journey is only the beginning. We look forward to a stellar business performance year after year – bearing testimony to the immense potential that the organisations of this country hold.

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