Consumer Packaged Goods

In the world of consumer goods where the risk of potential disruptions to supply chain materials and manufacturing processes is ever-present and customer demands change rapidly, companies are adopting innovative strategies to create customer value and ensure fast delivery and quality at the lowest possible cost. In such a situation, LEAN Transformation has become paramount to ensure the competitiveness of operations and customer satisfaction that can be achieved by producing more with fewer resources.

Challenges faced by the Consumer Goods industry

  1. Uncertain consumer demands
  2. Shrinking operating margins
  3. Labour shortages
  4. Supply chain instability
  5. New entrants and competitors

How SK Banerji drives change in the Consumer Goods sector

In this ever-changing dynamic world, consumer goods manufacturers are looking for solutions that can help them adapt to the trend quickly while maintaining their core identity and vision for the future. 

SK Banerji’s ecosystem gives any consumer goods business the roadmap to adapt to market demands and optimise the utilisation of resources in a forward-thinking and innovative way. We devise processes around core competencies for you to gain mastery over your supply chains, distribution, marketing, manufacturing and retail.

We work as your partner to make sure that the conceptual framework impacts every aspect of your consumer goods business, from production, research and development to packaging and delivery. Implementing LEAN concepts from the bottom line leads to reduced downtime, improved efficiency and hence better profitability. 

SK Banerji’s ecosystem helps you in:

  • Identifying value from the consumer perspective
  • Leveraging meaningful data
  • Recognising waste and eliminating 
  • Improving quality
  • Changing your cost base
  • Providing superior flexibility

With over 25 years of hands-on experience in implementing LEAN in different areas such as production, maintenance, materials management, supply chain management, vendor upgradation, quality control and project management, SK Banerji’s team of LEAN-certified experts have improved and optimised performances within different verticals of businesses. All our consultants have exposure to Manufacturing Excellence, TQM, and TPM that helps streamline decision-making and improves every aspect of the business process.

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