In these times of recession, the manufacturing sector should perceive the downturn in economic activities as an opportunity to re-engineer and improve their industrial processes that subsequently reduces waste and unnecessary expenses while maintaining quality at all levels. 

Challenges in the Process sector

  1. Stiff competition
  2. Huge amount of material loss
  3. Product inconsistencies
  4. Strict industry regulations
  5. Outdated technology
  6. Shortage of skilled labour

By adopting and implementing LEAN manufacturing techniques, industries can enjoy greater agility, efficiency, productivity, visibility and credibility. 

How SK Banerji drives change in the Process sector

SK Banerji’s ecosystem offers a theoretical framework to understand the different segments in the process industry and how optimization can be implemented with the help of  manufacturing methods. 

We have worked for several clients from the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, food, textiles, wood and paper industries in the last 25 years and delivered fitting results by minimising waste and increasing the overall quality. We help them find the best way to increase operational efficiency, maintain high safety protocols, and automate where needed. 

With us, the Process industry will learn how to:

  1. Standardise work
  2. Increase reliability
  3. Detect errors early on
  4. Maintain machinery effectively
  5. Stabilise the overall process
  6. Control overproduction 
  7. Minimise redundant waste

We are dedicated to creating value by eliminating wastes that can be caused by (defaults, overproduction, waiting, inventory, transportation, movement). We implement a set of tried and tested LEAN tools that are implemented to achieve the desired result. 

Make the most of your company’s resources with our deep expertise in LEAN manufacturing. Connect with us to learn more.

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