Heavy Engineering

The Heavy Engineering industry comes with its own set of challenges due to continuous changes in modern technology and the dire need to develop new and innovative products consistently. As the nature of the business involves surmountable complexities due to the size of the products it deals in, the scale of operations and the safety requirements to be fulfilled, it’s crucial that the leaders adopt an approach to improve the process at all levels. 

Challenges faced by the Heavy Engineering industry

  1. Unavailability of industry experts
  2. Integration of industry and finance
  3. Technical advancement 
  4. Skill and staff shortage

How SK Banerji drives change in the Heavy Engineering sector

LEAN Management is what you need to streamline your production operations and reduce operational uncertainty. SK Banerji’s ecosystem uses LEAN Principles from end-to-end design to construction to maintenance to establish continuous improvements in all dimensions. We focus on reduced wastage of all kinds and reduced movements to improve operational efficiency by systematically eradicating wastes from the system. This starts from gathering information on product requirements to delivering the exact desired product. 

Our team of experts with 25 years of deep experience in implementing LEAN in different areas of business are capable of driving Operational Excellence by developing realistic business excellence models, building strategic road maps and analysing the processes for apt business decisions.

With us, you will have the power to:

  • Incorporate instant customizations
  • Reduce product development cycle
  • Experience high productivity with better quality
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Lower waste and movements
  • Create a safer workplace

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